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Members of the Extend the Dream Foundation Board, with responsibility for Uptown Bill’s, have been positive and proactive in thinking and planning for its reopening. What we believe to be our best proposal is described below.

If you have any questions or ideas to share we would welcome hearing from you with an email to: uptownbills1@gmail.com. Thank you and read on.

We are facing a critical juncture with a very difficult choice. The Board would like to plan for Uptown Bill’s reopening. On the other hand, we cannot responsibly do so without being confident of our ability to stay open for years to come. Whether Uptown Bill’s will close forever, the Board now believes, will depend on our ability, with your help, to create a sustainable, monthly revenue stream sufficient to cover basic monthly expenses (such as rent, utilities and insurance).

If you’ve participated in our activities, value the unique service and offerings Uptown Bill’s provides, now is the time we need your support in order to reopen when control of the pandemic makes that possible

Here’s how you can help:

  • Subscribe with a monthly amount using Patreon, a platform that enables members (patrons) to support organizations like Uptown Bill’s.
    •  Patreon is user friendly. It is easy to sign up and equally easy to change or even cancel. Just go to Patreon.com/uptownbills.
  • We urge you to make your monthly payment as generous as you feel you can afford — but not one dollar more.

In order to open we need to receive $4,000 a month from Patreon. For example, that would be a minimum of 800 individuals contributing $5.00 a month, 400 contributing $10.00 a month, some combination thereof — or fewer individuals if some contribute $20, $50 or more per month.

We recognize the economic impact the pandemic has on all of us. If you will want to help with this plan in the future, but don’t feel you can do it now — let us know so we can plan ahead.

Of course, we still welcome checks made out to the Extend the Dream Foundation, 730 South Dubuque St., Iowa City 52240, or you may make a onetime donation through PayPal – but what we most need now is the confidence of that sustaining, monthly revenue.

You can multiply your impact by talking to your colleagues, friends and family members and encouraging them to participate in this effort as well.

You have been an important part of Uptown Bill’s past. Whether Uptown Bill’s has a future is up to all of us. Please let us hear from you.

When and if we reopen the first twenty-five subscribers get a milkshake or malt, the next twenty-five can have a complimentary coffee or one of those fancy sodas. More to be announced once we reach fifty.

We will keep you informed and the board will meet to evaluate the progress of this campaign at the end of May

Questions or ideas? Email us at uptownbills1@gmail.com


The Extend the Dream Foundation Inc.
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit Organization

Board of Directors: Douglas Bissell, Secretary; Holly Hart, Treasurer; Jeffrey Morgan, Mitch Rotman, Keith Ruff, Rus Schomers, and Mary Vasey, President.

And Jason Grubbe, Manager; Craig Jarvie, and Michael Conroy